Beloved God who is in me and in all that is, the original source of love, light and joy, I call on you and on Jesus Christ with my soul, here and now for assistance. I ask all the divine holy angels, archangels and spirit guides to come in, and above all you beloved Archangel Michael, leader of lost souls helping them to their home. Please fill this space (this house) with divine, sacred light in blue-white and gold colours and with violet beams of protective light and with a violet shell of protection. Please fill this space (house) with brilliant, glittering light from out of the ground and the surface of our Mother Earth.  This protective light should fill everything, including us, so that there are no shadows or places where the dark may hide.


We ask you, dear God, friend in us, let this light be always there to protect us and to help us. Dear Archangel Michael, wake these soul fragments or Astral beings now, and translate for them what I have to say. Then take these lost beings in your hand and lead them away from their miserable existence, and painful suffering. Help them to break away from their misconceptions and rigid thought patterns. Free them from the fear of death and the unknown beyond.

Now, I speak to you, you many soul fragments of a past time that are here now: You are prisoners of your own thoughts and deeds, or of those who created you. You do not know what you are, what you do, or what effect you have. You are earthly negative energies of deceased persons, existing in an intermediate space without time, and living in the Astral world. You have probably not noticed that you're gone from us and you are no longer physically alive. You, who are here with other like-minded entities, going around on our planet, torturing many people: do you really know what you are doing? You plague and harass people, but all the harm that you do to others, just reinforces your own suffering and pain. Listen, immediately stop this and be released from your old thought patterns and habits. Know that in all the universes, the law of cause and effect can never be avoided. You have broken many laws and have not observed the divine principles. You have probably not loved yourselves, or have never even known love. Now, above all, whom should you love, or even understand? Forgive yourselves and all who you see as your adversaries or enemies. Learn to accept yourself and to love yourself. Go now with these dear light-beings, who guide you to a place that is better for you, and where you can rediscover yourself. There you will be informed and educated. Do not be afraid.

For still being here, you have no one else to thank but yourselves, and it is because of your conduct in the last life. Either you have not believed in an afterlife in glory, or you were told that it simply doesn't exist.  Your own thought processes hold you firmly in this false reality, and prevent a further progression into the light and joy. You can go back to your soul at any time. You only have to let go of the thoughts that are preventing you. Dismiss all your feelings of guilt and fear. You are free. No one will ever punish you. Also our loving God would never punish you. Feel your freedom. Go now with these bright and loving spirit guides. They will lead you away from your burdens, with which you are now still tormented, and due to which you torment us so. This is the eternal law of cause and effect. We forgive you. We liberate you. We pray for you and love you. Do not fear going into the light in the name of Jesus Christ, our greatest healer and brother. You are free. Feel how your heart grows light and overflows with warmth and joy. Keep this feeling of happiness, and now I say good-bye to you.

I thank you, divine angels of love and light energy. Above all, I thank you Universal Love, God, friend in us. Amen.