Many people only believe what they see with their own eyes. If their range of perception were only slightly wider, enabling them to see a little to the right and left of the visible spectrum, a whole new world would open up to them.

This is partially made possible today by technological means. And in the past years methods have emerged which make it possible to visualise energy fields.

We are all aware that gadgets like mobile phones or radio transmitters enable us to hear the longer wavelengths that we would declare non-existent without these devices. The wavelengths shorter than the visible spectrum are familiar to us from the x-ray machines at hospitals or airports, but again are only visible with the aid of specialised devices.

Mediumistic people are able to view these wavelengths without technical means and so perceive things that are non-existent to 'normal' people, and may even seem impossible to the latter. Among these things are topics familiar to us since childhood from fairy tales, topics and themes which were not simply made up by story-tellers, but exist all around us. Most people encounter these other worlds, the OTHER DIMENSIONS, only very rarely or only after their deaths.

Unfortunately there are a growing number of those who feel bothered by the presence of such beings from the OTHER DIMENSIONS without ever knowing the precise reason for it.

It is the intent and purpose of my books and this website to familiarise you with this world and equip you with tools which enable you to help yourself. It goes without saying that only the acceptance of this other reality can be a first step on the way to an improved situation.