Natural spirits are the links between animal and human souls. When an animal has lived in the vicinity of a human being for a long time and its body, i.e. its flesh, has often had contact with the digestive apparatus of humans, it develops the profound desire in its soul to become an entity which has its own emotions and can itself determine how it lives.  This animal’s soul is therefore given the opportunity to live, on probation as it were, as a soul outside its animal body.  This is how dwarfs, elves and fairies develop, according to inclination. At first these dwarves look rather unfinished, but in time they assume more and more human forms. They are the links between the animal world and being human.

Thus they normally live quite shyly near humans and their domestic animals. Often around farms or houses which are fairly secluded or have a garden. Several generations of these dwarves then live there. They do not really become older than they were previously as animals. They observe us human beings and want to learn from us. There are elves and fairies that are links between humans and plants, flowers, bushes and trees. In winter they are fond of staying in houses, and they can be seen as bluish spheres of light or hovering as will-o’-the-wisps in the room or between the house plants. 

How can they be spotted?

  • They look like the many different kinds of figures illustrated in picture books.
  • In the warm season they are to be found outside, in winter they live below ground or in the houses and farm buildings of kindly people.
  • They are usually composed of many spiritual beings and assume the strangest shapes as gnomes. Sometimes they look like tree trunks or potatoes, sometimes like fungi or shrubs.
  • They can turn really nasty, particularly as a group, if work is being done on building excavation, tunnels, clearing forests or quarrying or blasting without Mother Earth having been previously asked for permission or the natural spirits having been persuaded of the urgency of the work.
  • They can sabotage construction projects (no progress is being made, because of appeals, problems with the construction site etc.)

What can be done about this?

See the relevant assistance using invocations, prayers, rituals of release and liberation in the book ‘Prayers for the Soul’ by Anton Styger (Styger Publishing Company) in chapter 13.


How can clairvoyants see this?