These energies, which are still in a phase of gestation or preparation in the sense of the creational path or thought, may be released from the depths, for example as a result of construction work. This specific form of energy is still at the level of vibration of earth material. Although recognisable spiritually and for clairvoyants, it does not yet possess consciousness. It cannot therefore be addressed or expunged by prayer, since it does not know that it exists. Normal oil or repeated showers do not help if a person is affected by this.   

Lowest earth energy is without awareness or is inanimate. It is a coating of spiritual dust or dirt, whose colour varies between ochre and caramel. Typically, the body is pasted together, which dramatically restricts its mobility.

In all the cases where un-matured lowest earth energy clings to a person or animal, there are similarities. The following are especially at risk:

  • People who are exposed to a great challenge
  • People who have marked material fears
  • People who work in nature
  • Dog owners who have very close body contact with their pet
  • People and animals who are near septic tanks or sewage plants

How can these be spotted?

  • Immobility for no apparent medical reason
  • Absentmindedness (staring into space)

What can be done about this?

See the relevant assistance using invocations, prayers, rituals of release and liberation in the book “Prayers for the Soul” by Anton Styger (Styger Publishing Company) in chapter 15 (rubdown with oil).


How can clairvoyants see this?