Every thought, every emotion and every action is recorded. You must imagine that all the elements, not only from this life but from all the incarnations that have ever existed, are recorded precisely and stored as if on an enormous CD. Nothing is missing. Even our DNA structure firmly embeds the memory of all that has been experienced. The ensuing feelings and impressions are what are decisive for us.


If these are feelings of happiness or joy, they will probably never trouble us. On the contrary, they invite us to experience them again and again or allow us to feel them.


Things are different with humanity’s vices: these are essentially unpleasant. They afflict us and torment us. They reveal the absence of love. They consist of unkindness, whether it is merely unkind thoughts or unkind actions which harm other creatures. Even the idea of harming another person allows a vessel of energy to develop, what Lorber calls a Hülsenglobe or globular pod(the gospel of John), which henceforth is our constant companion.


These globular pods(initially only the ‘labelled husks’, without content), which we can fill with more and more energy of the same kind, thereby become our elementals, the energetic parts which belong to us. Always located around us, they are filled with our emotions and fragments of our consciousness.


How can these be spotted?


  • Phobias of all kinds not based on any experience which can be consciously explained (claustrophobia, fear of heights, arachnophobia, pyrophobia, fear of syringes, etc.)
  • Feelings of inadequacy, existential fears
  • Extreme examination stress


What can be done about these?

See the relevant assistance using invocations, prayers, rituals of release and liberation in the book “Prayers for the Soul” by Anton Styger (Styger Publishing Company) in chapter 8.