Earth-bound souls wander around the physical world and are able to attach themselves to living persons (slip into their aura) or permanently accompany and follow them. Such souls can be attached to buildings and animals as well as people.

Often these souls cannot register anything of their new environs (after physical death) and are still living in their old beliefs, or they are drawn to the auric field or causal body of a person.

Reasons for being earth-bound can vary:

a) Sudden death caused by accident, war or illness (e.g. heart failure). The movie ‘The sixth sense’ illustrates this very well.

b) Lack of understanding or disbelief that there is another dimension, something after physical death. These might be souls stubbornly holding on to their beliefs even after death, or waiting for Judgement Day, which just will not come.

c) Strong ties to the physical world: addictions, like alcohol, cigarettes or hard drugs. The deceased cannot and will not let go and is looking for people to prey on in order to keep indulging. 

d) Unfulfilled wishes and desires that keep a soul bound to the physical world.

e) Long lasting sadness and mourning.  This can be the feelings of the deceased (feeling the need to tell someone something), or the bereaved (X, you can't leave us, we need you here).

f) Matter, beloved possessions we worked hard to achieve, like houses, cars and other material things.

g) Karmic and emotional reasons, such as hatred or revenge. Often a victim will stay with the perpetrator and try to cause them harm over many years or even incarnations.

How can these be spotted?

  • Unexplained banging or knocking in rooms
  • Strange smells of unknown origin
  • Coldness or draughts in a room with all windows closed
  • Light switch turns on and off without anybody touching it
  • Appliances (TV, kitchen appliances) turn on and off by themselves
  • The cursor on the computer screen moves without anybody visibly touching mouse or keyboard
  • Those afflicted feel that they are never truly alone
  • There are cases where people feel a touch in bed at night, although no one is lying beside them
  • In buildings there are often rooms or certain places where there are strange smells, a feeling of coldness or draughts, or places where one can never get quite comfortable. Or else these places repeatedly cause the hair on our body to stand on end

What can be done?

See chapter 3 of the book “Prayers for the Soul” by Anton Styger (Styger Publishing Company) for corresponding prayers and rituals.

How do clairvoyants perceive these beings?