Demonic energies are as old as humanity. In many old books from Antiquity or the Medieval Times, but also from recent centuries, the devil is represented as a monster hideous in appearance, sometimes also as a dragon or lizard-like creature. It is a grisly sight when these creatures are encountered clinging to humans. They prove to be inhuman and ugly, often stinking worse than a dung heap or a dustbin. When they are being exorcised they inflate themselves in front of you until they reach the ceiling, thereby attempting to intimidate the victim. 

The Church has always carried out exorcisms and has re-introduced these in recent years after a long gap. Unfortunately these are unsuccessful in the vast majority of cases because evil cannot be repaid with evil. Admittedly it is possible, but this only helps to strengthen the demonic forces. What the devil cannot stand is love, the pure rose-coloured light of love and the red light of Christ’s heart. This is our strongest weapon.

For those who are so sorely possessed praying is no longer possible. They despise and deride the divine. It is in fact one of the most unpleasant things to have to approach a person so afflicted, but we must do it because we love our neighbour, since these people can usually no longer liberate themselves. 

How can this be spotted?

  • Total destructivity
  • Solely negative thoughts which do not go away
  • Piercing look
  • Can in their desperation no longer even pray

What can be done about this?

I must be aware that this is my own shadow. I cannot wish it to disappear. All I can do is accept it and change it by means of love.

See the relevant assistance using invocations, prayers, rituals of release and liberation in the book “Prayers for the Soul” by Anton Styger (Styger Publishing Company) in chapter 21.