A curse is when something is said (occasionally combined with the appropriate gesture) which originally uses ritualised (magic) methods to do harm to a person or place. Anger or the wish to punish or to take revenge may be the reason for the curse. Whoever is being successfully cursed does not have to be present or even know of the curse. Its opposite is the blessing. In colloquial usage there are many submerged curses which are used to insult other people (e.g. ‘Go to hell!’) or to vent the speaker’s own anger.


Showing extreme dislike for a person or thing, swearing at them, wishing them ill: ‘She rued the day she met that person.’

Black Magic

Mostly initiated by specific rituals, they influence events, people or objects in a supernatural way. The initiator (magician) attempts to influence the supernatural powers, spirits or demons by means of rituals, invocation formulas or similar practices.

How can this be spotted?

  • Absolutely reliable failures, e.g. outstanding products and many people interested, but for some reason all the customers drop out just before signing the contract, as if by magic
  • Nothing works out although the basic conditions are actually good
  • Sudden physical pain: e.g. the feeling of being stabbed painfully in the back without any apparent physical cause  

What can be done about this?

As this phenomenon in essence always originates from old karmic linkages, the first thing I must do for my own part is to ask for forgiveness. Secondly I must completely forgive the person who is cursing me.

See the relevant assistance using invocations, prayers, rituals of release and liberation in the book “Prayers for the Soul” by Anton Styger (Styger Publishing Company) in chapter 7.