If no one intervenes, the souls of former wrongdoers and offenders very often are bound (forever) to their victims. However absurd it may sound, I was able to recognise many former offenders as incarnated animal souls. Usually these suffering offender souls come back to us as animals several times in succession.

How can these be spotted?

  • Unexplained banging or knocking in rooms
  • Strange smells of unknown origin
  • Coldness or draughts in a room with all windows closed
  • Light switch turns on and off without anybody touching it
  • Appliances (TV, kitchen appliances) turn on and off by themselves
  • The cursor on the computer screen moves without anybody visibly touching mouse or keyboard

What can be done?

See chapter 6 of the book “Prayers for the Soul” by Anton Styger (Styger Publishing Company) for relevant prayers and rituals.

How do clairvoyants perceive these beings?