Astral beings are visible in a similar way to earthbound souls, but only as disembodied heads (sometimes visible as grotesque faces or dark clouds), and are not as easy to approach as souls, because they lack the same energy/vigour. This is why astral beings need human energy and often come in groups. When they are found in the aura of a person, he or she can grow extremely tired from one minute to the next. Their base, underdeveloped awareness - mind you, they used to be human - makes it necessary to address them as one would an infant. They completely lack any kind of goodwill. They think and feel only with regard to themselves. As they are made up of base thoughts, that is the negative aspects of living (and, of course, dead) people, there is a sad overabundance of these energies around all of us at any given time.

How to spot these?

  • Sudden, drastic mood changes
  • Feelings that do not really belong to me (aggression)
  • The feeling of being behind a thick pane of glass that makes it impossible to clearly perceive one's surroundings

What can be done?

See chapter 4 of the book “Prayers for the Soul” by Anton Styger (Styger Publishing Company) for corresponding prayers and rituals.

How do clairvoyants perceive these beings?