Unlike human beings, animals have ‘directed’ souls, i.e. they always remain animals and cannot develop as animals. After their physical death they normally return to the soul of their animal group and thus come back into the world as the same animal. However, by proximity to human beings they can develop further spiritually and move into a higher species of animal when enough time has elapsed. Emotionally an animal is more simply constructed than a human being. 

However, it knows joy and loyalty. It has likes and dislikes and feels pain. It cannot explain ‘why’, taking things as they are. Yet when an animal such as a pig or a cow feels at home in a place, it often returns there after its physical death. This only happens, however, if it experienced fear or anger while it was being killed. If people spoke kindly to an animal, explaining that its time as an animal is now over, that they love it and thank it, it would understand that and voluntarily face its death, since it has been sent to serve.  

As, however, the slaughtering process is usually cruel and involves suffering, the animal’s soul seems instantly to lose its good nature. It appears to be the powers of its thoughts that say at this moment, ‘Let’s get out of here, back to the farm or back home.’ For this reason even the simple soul of an animal will become un-free and by its own reaction (earth-)bound.

 How can these be spotted?


  • Smell or stench of animals (pigs, cows) without them being physically present
  • Creaking (joists) in the house (On an ethereal level animals completely pervade the space, which is too small for them)

What can be done about this?


See the relevant assistance using invocations, prayers, rituals of release and liberation in the book “Prayers for the Soul” by Anton Styger (Styger Publishing Company) in chapter 14.