A lot of people feel ill without doctors being able to determine a tangible cause. They complain of heart trouble or back pain without any medical reason, the respective organ being perfectly sound. Others suffer from excruciating belly pain or diarrhoea while having a perfectly healthy stomach. Such ‘sicknesses without cause’ are often labelled as psychosomatic by orthodox medicine.

On the other hand there are those people who seem to intermittently adopt one or more strange personalities. At times this seemingly different personality usurps their behaviour, attitude and actions.

Typical statements of those afflicted are: ‘sometimes I don't even recognise myself’ or ‘one part of me seems to want one thing and another part is against it’. Those observing often comment ‘what's got into that person?’

Causes for this can vary, as I have described in my books at length. An abbreviated explanation can be found in this chapter EXTERNAL INFLUENCES.

To narrow things down, ask yourself the following questions:

Questionnaire: determination of possible causes

  1. What are your current symptoms?
    1. Hearing voices (what are they saying?)
    2. Shivers/Tremors (when?)
    3. Feelings of fear (what are you afraid of specifically?)
    4. Feelings of being constricted or confined?
    5. Seeing shadows and/or faces?
    6. Compulsions (which kind?)
    7. Feelings of being mentally influenced by another person (being remote-controlled)?
    8. Don't feel like myself any more
  2. If the contamination is not on you personally, where, when and how does it occur?
  3. Are there phenomena in the house? Signs of haunting? How do they manifest?
  4. When did the symptoms first occur?
  5. How frequently?
  6. Are there other family members with similar afflictions? 
  7. Have the symptoms been medically or psychologically examined? When, and what was the diagnosis? 
  8. Do you receive medical treatment for your symptoms? If so, what kind?
  9. Is there a concrete assumption as to the causes of your illness? If so, what is it?
  10. Have you been exposed to any kind of occult practice? When, what kind?
  11. Do you know of anyone around you who engages in occult practices?
  12. Have you partaken of drugs, recently or ever?
  13. Have prayers up until now eased or worsened symptoms?