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Liberation from old patterns of affliction

This CD contains rituals of release and liberation, enabling those affected to liberate themselves from foreign infestations or their own patterns of suffering. Anton Styger explains how different infestations and patterns of suffering originate. With these rituals you can liberate yourself and others, whichever is necessary. People frequently suffer from depression, fear, inexplicable diseases, allergies or debilities of their sensory organs. Many of these afflictions have their origin in outside influences, but the main cause is the person’s own programming, whether conscious or unconscious, due to accusations directed at themselves or others in this life or previous lives.  Criticism of one’s own body, fear of getting old, or ’I don’t want to hear or see anything more of that’ etc. result in the body acceding to these accusations. It is time to liberate oneself from all these old patterns of suffering so as to be able to live a contented, happy life. 

Anton Styger will explain to you how these have developed in different ways, but that they can be resolved and you can be released from their power.


Meditations and release from old patterns of affliction, journeys of the soul 

The soul as an aspect of the Creator is underway on Earth to gather experience for its growth in a physical body.  Although most people know that they have a soul and could not live without it, they are not completely certain about this. By using these two meditations you will enable your soul to experience itself in the here and now

This CD is an impulse to send your soul on journeys, independently of your personality and ego.  As a result the relationship between your personality and your soul will become more aware. You can thereby experience the potentials, plans and desires of your soul so as to jointly live a fulfilled life.

The soul’s journey to the island: Anton Styger leads you through a wonderful landscape down to the sea. There you can treat your personality to a period of rest.  Your soul can take this opportunity to go freely to the island in order to gain experience, returning strengthened and content to you.

Journey to the Pyramid: after your soul has freed itself from your personality, it goes to the blue-green emerald Pyramid to experience purification and then to encounter its original soul. This wonderful reality brings you back to your personal awareness of everyday life.