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Book: Experiences with the Other Dimensions, Vol. 1 – Liberating Souls (2008)

The first volume deals with the suffering of people who were possessed or with families living in houses in which the souls of the dead walk abroad.  I also describe the release of souls from human beings, animals and houses. In the appendix you will find prayers and rituals.

Book 1ISBN No.: 978-3-033-01586-9


Book: Experiences with the Other Dimensions, Vol. 2 – Redemptions (2009)

The second volume deals with experiences with the Other Dimensions. In this book you will find more descriptions of release from houses and farm buildings. In it I describe experiences abroad, healing through the sea and earth, visions and announcements. In the latter part of the book you will find prayers and deliverance rituals, prayers for the dying and funeral prayers.

Book 2 ISBN No.: 978-3-033-02067-2



Book: Experiences with the Other Dimensions, Vol. 3 – Awakening (2011)

In the third book Anton Styger describes how our planet originated. He explains that an awareness of responsibility and love and our contact to nature are decisive for our continued existence on Earth. He releases innumerable earth-bound souls and the suffering souls of animals. He describes how people, houses and regions can be liberated from ‘poor souls’, from astral beings and demons who have run amok.

He immerses himself in the Inca culture and liberates those affected by the suffering caused by ancient sacrificial rites which is still present today. In his travel reports he reveals his profound attachment to the land of our ancestors, Jordan. Once again the author helps to release us from all imaginable kinds of patterns of suffering which prevent happy lives or are destructive.  He sympathetically gives his readers access to, even revelations with regard to the tangled web of partnerships, marriages and families due to ancestral problems. His tools are exclusively his unshakeable faith in God, his affectionate personal invocations and prayers and his direct line to the angels.

Paperback ISBN No.: 978-3-9523755-0-1



Book: Prayers for the Soul (2009)

You can take this conveniently-sized paperback anywhere. It also contains the prayers in volumes 1 and 2. What is new in this paperback is prayers in which you speak to spirits of the body, implants or foreign organs, also prayers for people traumatised by war, also including rituals of release for the distressed souls of animals. 

Paperback ISBN No.: 978-3-033-02089-4