Anton Styger lives in central Switzerland in the valley of Aegeri in the canton of Zug, where he was born in 1947. His clairvoyance, which he has had since he was a child, shaped his childhood, his professional creativity as an architect and building biologist, right down to his current field of activity: the Other Dimensions, which for most people are invisible. 

Thus for decades he has been investigating all kinds of buildings such as homes, clinics and buildings for farmyard animals to detect geomantic and electro-technical interference zones.  In doing so he often comes across grievous external energies which can be a great burden to sensitive people, both children and adults. His clientele largely consists of therapy-resistant people who have been abandoned by doctors.

Now, as a sixty-year-old, he can devote himself entirely to spiritual life counselling. As an author he describes his experiences with the spiritual world, and he develops meditations and guidelines for practical exercises.

In seminars, meditation courses and talks to companies, fairs, associations and private persons Anton Styger offers his wide experience of spiritual healing in an approachable and accessible way.